Welcome to the Sydney Zoo consultation website – this site provides you with everything you need to know about the Sydney Zoo development proposal and how to be a part of the conversation.

JBA is working on behalf of Sydney Zoo to implement the community consultation process for this project to enable the community and stakeholders to be involved throughout the planning process and provide important feedback.

Sydney Zoo is seeking to develop part of the Bungarribee Precinct in the Western Sydney Parklands, to provide a new family oriented, conservation, education and recreational facility, the Sydney Zoo.

Sydney Zoo aims to become one of Western Sydney’s most significant attractions, providing a rare opportunity to reshape and revitalise Western Sydney as a major tourist destination. It will be a truly world-class zoo exhibiting a wide range of popular exotic and Australian animal species.

Sydney Zoo’s commitment to animal welfare is paramount – our core focus will be to provide exceptional care for our animals and strive to be known as an animal welfare advocate in Australia. Exemplary animal welfare standards are the core of our operating ethos. Sydney Zoo’s Animal Welfare Policy will ensure high animal welfare standard are met.

Sydney Zoo will be education and conservation oriented, offering a range of programs that enable visitors to develop their knowledge and respect for living creatures and the environment. These programs will increase awareness about issues such as poaching and habitat destruction.

The Sydney Zoo proposal will be outlined in a State Significant Development Application, which will be placed on public exhibition by the Department of Planning and Environment later this year. In addition to the formal public exhibition process, consultation events will be held to ensure that the community and stakeholders have an opportunity to have their say at key stages of the development process.

This website will be updated throughout the development process to ensure you receive the most up to date information on the project. More information about engagement opportunities will be published in the coming months. Please register to subscribe to our mailing list to receive project updates.

We look forward to hearing from you and keeping you up-to-date on the future of this important project in Sydney’s west.


Key benefits 

Sydney Zoo has commissioned KPMG to calculate the economic impacts of the proposal. Their findings are summarised below.

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