Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to build the Zoo?

It is anticipated that construction will take approximately 13 months.

When will it be open to the public?

It is anticipated the Zoo will open in mid-2017. Animals will be introduced into their new habitats over an extended period of time to ensure they are settled before the public opening.

How many people do you anticipate will visit the Zoo every year?

It is estimated that approximately to 700,000 visitors per year would visit the Zoo. Visitation will vary depending on the time of year.

Will the site be easily accessible by public transport?

There are a number of public transport options already available to access the site. Busways Bus Services operates routes 729 and 723 along the Great Western Highway from major train stations.

There is potential for these public transport routes to provide access to and from the Zoo. Public transport options for the Zoo will be developed with further consultation with the Western Sydney Parklands Trust, Busways and Transport for NSW.

How many different animal species are you proposing to have?

There will be approximately 30 major exhibits with a variety of exotic and native species. Approximately 60 large animal species will be housed at Sydney Zoo

How will you ensure the rights of animals will be protected?

Sydney Zoo’s commitment to animal welfare is paramount. We are committed to providing ‘gold class’ care for animals and to strive to be an advocate and an authority on animal welfare.

Sydney Zoo is also committed to providing an environment that focuses on the well-being of the animal. As far as possible, we will try to reproduce the animal’s natural environment, taking into consideration the animal’s behavioural and psychological needs.

Will you work with conservation groups?

Sydney Zoo will seek to positively engage with a range of conservation groups – they are currently investigating partnerships with conservation, research and animal advocacy groups to form strategic alliances

These groups include the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, the University of Western Sydney, Sydney University and the Australian Rhino Project.

Will you have a veterinary clinic on site?

Yes. The veterinary clinic will also provide free treatment for injured native animals.

What facilities will you provide?

In addition to the exhibits there will be:
• Children’s play areas
• Picnic areas
• Restaurant and kiosks
• A first aid area
• A gift shop that will sell Sydney Zoo branded merchandise Restrooms will be strategically located throughout the Zoo.

How many jobs will be provided?

The Sydney Zoo proposal would boost the NSW economy by $45 million and is expected to create 160 jobs during construction and at least 120 jobs during operation.

Will you run educational programs for school children?

As a major new educational recreational facility in the Western Sydney area, the Zoo will promote strong educational programs. It is anticipated that 40,000 school students will attend the Zoo every year.

What educational programs will be available for visitors?

There will be educational programs on the local Aboriginal and European heritage.
The Zoo intends to use exhibits to provide education about the heritage of the local area.

Will I be able to bring my own food and drinks, or will I be required to purchase food from your restaurant and kiosk?

Yes. Visitors will be able to consume their own food and drinks within the designated picnic areas.

How much will car parking be?

It is anticipated that car parking will be free for visitors.

How do I purchase zoo tickets?

Tickets will be available for sale on the official Sydney Zoo website, which will be launched closer to the time of opening, or at the zoo entrance.

 Will I be able to purchase an annual membership?

Yes. Potentially up 20,000 annual passes will be available each year.

How much will tickets cost?

Prices are yet to be announced, but Sydney Zoo is committed to providing excellent value for money for all visitors, particularly for families.

Will the Zoo be easily accessible?

All public areas will be wheelchair and stroller friendly. The site is relatively flat and the designed layout is simple and easy to follow. There will be ample opportunity to rest and relax you visit the exhibitions.

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